Uniquely Designed Conservatories in the Swinton Area

conservatories swintonConservatories are a useful and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home, but what if you would like something a little different, so it doesn’t look the same as the next door neighbours?  Working in and around the Swinton area, Parkside provides a bespoke conservatory design service.  We design conservatories to meet the room requirements and shape you would like whilst ensuring it is in-keeping with your Swinton property.  Building conservatories on homes gives families that much needed extra space without the cost or intrusion of an extension.  What’s more, conservatories add value to your property too.

What shape conservatories can Parkside provide for my Swinton property?

To be honest we have designed conservatories of most shapes and sizes, including round, square and even ‘P’ shaped.  It obviously depends on the size of the space available and what you want to use the room for.  If you know you would like a conservatory for the extra space but you haven’t decided what you will use it for yet, here are a few ideas:

  • a garden room – for use when the sun is shining but it is not quite warm enough to sit outside, so you can enjoy looking at your garden from the warmth and comfort of your conservatory
  • a music room – would you like a piano or keyboard but you don’t have space for one in the house or maybe you have a family of musicians with nowhere to practice – a conservatory is always very light – a lovely space for melodies, jazz, rock or blues whether you are into Vivaldi or Nirvana it’s your space
  • an extra lounge – invariably as families grow there is constant competition for the lounge or living space whether it is for relaxing or entertaining friends, with this extra space there is room for adults and teenagers to chill out, relax or chat with friends
  • a dining area – so many houses these days have open plan kitchen/living areas but sometimes you really want to set a special dinner table for a romantic dinner or to entertain friends away from the steam and smells of the kitchen
  • a games room – depending on the age of your offspring you might like to make your conservatory a play room to keep all those toys in one area, or for teenagers maybe somewhere for a pool table or games room, whether they be electronic, online or of the traditional board variety

Really the list is endless, the choice is yours.  Some people who decide on a large conservatory use if for a combination of the above ideas, much like the image shown.  If you have more questions about conservatories see our frequently asked questions http://www.parksidewindows.co.uk/conservatories/. Or simply call us on 0161 728 2540 or 07970 084 505 so we can have a chat about your aspirations and arrange a mutually convenient time to visit your home to provide you with some ideas and a quote.

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