Custom made Aluminium windows Manchester

Custom made aluminium windows Manchester by Parkside windows. Our aluminium windows are custom made especially for your home, from start to finish every care is taken so that your home benefits as much as it possible can do from additional light.

Our windows come in a range of finishes and are also available in any colour on the RAL chart.

For more information on our Aluminium windows please call one of the team today on 0161 728 2540

Custom made Aluminium windows Manchester

What are the benefits of aluminium windows compared to uPVC windows ?

The slim sight lines also allow for greater flexibility for all types of window frames as the aluminium can be worked into and around the slimmest of framework.

For many choosing between PVC and aluminium windows for their property, the deciding factor will invariably durability and longevity; what will give you the most value for money?

Are aluminium windows designed to insulate your property as well as uPVC windows ?

Aluminium windows can achieve the same levels of energy efficiency. Thanks to an innovative polyamide thermal break, aluminium windows are equally thermal retentive to keep any home warmer for longer. Aluminium or uPVC – you can’t go far wrong when looking for energy efficiency.

Are aluminium windows expensive ?

Typically, the difference between triple glazing and double glazing is just a few hundred pounds, so the decision to upgrade boils down to whether you need the additional sound-proofing and insulation.

aluminium windows manchester